Dan McClure

Dan McClure

Dan McClure

Princicpal Choreographer

Long before I had a name for it, I was in love with the messy adventure of complex systems innovation.  These are the unruly creative challenges found in the midst of industry disruption, revolutionary generations of new technology, and seemingly intractable social collaboration problems.    

It is an evolving craft for solving hard problems at scale, one that is now bursting with new thinking and methodologies.  Complex systems innovation an answer for those who are unsatisfied with small solutions to small problems ... and it is a wonderful creative adventure

The challenge of shaping systems captured me as a child and has refused to let go.   Through a career that has spanned 30+ years, I've been fortunate to be a hands on practitioner of this work, moving from roles as disruptive change agent for global organizations, to successful entrepreneur, to specialist choreographer, a peripatetic life of helping leaders reimagine their varied and diverse domains.  

I am a choreographer of complex innovation, by nature and by training.  The skill I bring to these challenges is rooted in the ability to imagine new systems from the tangled and chaotic pieces of a messy problem space. It's about seeing how diverse actors and technologies can be bought together to collaborate on ambitious new goals, and then helping guide the evolutionary journey to make that vision real. 

Like many (most?) creative choreographers, I'm driven by passions.  Everyday we should be solving hard problems ... but there is more to achieve.   This scattershot collection of creative practices and practitioners needs to be shaped into a field where it is possible to intentionally reimagine systems at scale.   All those who find themselves running enthusiastically into burning buildings filled with complexity and disruption, should be empowered to pursue their creative mission.     

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