Practical Clarity in a Nutshell

Dan McClure - Principal Choreographer

Dan McClure - Principal Choreographer


Practical Clarity is a consultancy that supports organizations and their leaders in the development of complex collaborative systems.  This form of innovation tackles complex problems, transforming existing systems in response to industry disruptions, new technology opportunities, and long standing intractable problems.  

What ? 

While the approach to each complex systems innovation challenge may be different, Practical Clarity provides three primary services: 

Distill Complex Systems Strategies

Turning a wealth of diverse ideas into a structured vision.  Building a strong system's based narrative that drives a compelling actionable strategy.  

Design Collaborative Ecosystems

Creating an new ecosystem of actors who can collaborate to  do what’s beyond the reach of a single company or product.  

Build Complex Innovation Capacity

Build a core organizational capacity to pursue complex collaborative systems innovation.  


The consultancy is rooted in Practical Clarity LLC, and corporation led by Dan McClure in the role of principle innovation choreographer.  Scale and diversity in skills are then obtained by bringing together additional talents in a collaborative team, much like the Hollywood Model for making a movie, where each film is developed through its own custom crafted team. 


Practical Clarity is based in the United States but works internationally on complex challenges in widely varying domains.  Complex system innovations and collaborative system strategies have been shaped for Commercial Enterprises, Public Sector Agencies, Cross Sector Collaborations, as well as in support of Humanitarian Aid and Development. 

More ...

Complex systems innovation and collaborative ecosystems are creative arts that are rapidly evolving.   One of the goals of Practical Clarity is to contribute to this thinking and draw methodologies from hands on practice.  Our Medium Channel highlights our experience and thought leadership in support of building the practice of complex systems innovation.