Today, opportunities and threats are rooted in complex systems.  The next generation of innovators will excel by untangling this messiness to drive ambitious disruptive change.

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I loved the passion that Dan brought and the ability he had to elicit big ideas and real action from us. Dan didn't seem like just a facilitator, but rather it was as if he was personally invested in getting the best outcomes. The sessions were compelling and engaging and the whole executive came together and produced work that felt like it really mattered.

Catherine Green

Global Program Director for the Response Innovation Labs

Practical Clarity helps organizations successfully pursue their ambitions for disruptive new ideas that drive transformative change.

This is an era of accelerating change where complex systems are the new clay for high impact creative strategies. Increasingly, organizations must find ways to address harder problems with bigger solutions.

This demands an ability to intentionally shape and transform complex systems. Yet, even as leaders realize that it’s time for a step change in the scale of problems they tackle and the complexity of solutions they aspire to create, there are few organizations prepared to push into this new creative space.

Complex systems innovation is a powerful tool, but it can’t be done with conventional innovation and program management practices. Practical Clarity’s goal is to fill this gap, by enabling four key capabilities that are needed to successfully deliver complex systems innovation.

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This is not work that can managed using conventional practices.   It requires new innovation practices and thinking that are specifically designed to address the complexity of systems transformation.   

Understand Problems Deeply: Create rich models of problem spaces

Develop a rich model of what’s really happening. Understand the complexity.  Why are some things hard? Where are the big transformative threats and opportunities?  Stop thinking about problems the way everyone else does.  

Imagine Big Solutions: Develop ground breaking original strategies

Imagine something big.  Don’t copy the crowd or incrementally improve the status quo. Create a bold vision that moves efforts to a new level.  Become the disruptive visionary in your space.  

Evolve Complex Systems: Move ambitious programs forward 

Don’t be limited by a conventional ability to manage change. Escape small projects that do small things. Iteratively evolve complex system change.  Refuse to become stuck. Master the art of pivoting around challenges and claiming unexpected opportunities.  

Build the Capability to Disrupt: Develop the tools, people, and practices

Create an organizational ecosystem filled with people who are capable of doing transformative things in a fast moving world.  Shift the way the organization thinks about innovation and change.  Give people the tools to pursue complex and difficult problems with ambitious solutions.

“Complexity is a source of opportunity ... soon it will be the only sustainable source of opportunity.”


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Unlike many executive  workshops built around rigid formalities and tight structures, the workshop that Dan facilitated produced actual tangible value in an enjoyable, productive, and open approach.  We thought at a high level, brought in new perspectives, challenged our underlying assumptions, and created new models that better describe our work, "

A'sem Natsheh, Executive Director | Innovation Matchmaking Jordan

Complex original systems are created by complex original teams. Hollywood realized this 50 years ago when it replaced the studio system of on-contract writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, and actors with creative teams customized to each new film.   

Practical Clarity leverages this kind of “Hollywood” team model, blending trusted partners, unexpected outsiders and members from across the client organization.  While there are often shared experiences and relationships among the team members, this professional familiarity does not require that everyone works within a single organization.   

Practical Clarity specializes in filling the need for  "Innovation Choreographers", the big picture thinkers and synthesists who see across a complex challenge.  These uncommon professionals are key to driving system based strategies and navigating the messy evolution of complex solutions.